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New born baby laying on a quilt

Pregnancy, birth and beyond....

The Essex Birth Company - couple holding a baby scan
Supporting you at every stage
"Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the parents"

At The Essex Birth Company, we are dedicated to supporting families through transitional periods of life, including conception, pregnancy, birth, loss, and the crucial first few months after a baby is born. Our focus is on ensuring that you feel safe, nurtured, and heard, enabling you to thrive.


Specialising in birth & perinatal trauma support


We understand that the journey of childbirth can sometimes be accompanied by trauma. We are passionate about providing compassionate, comprehensive and bespoke support to help you navigate these challenging experiences. We offer specialised services tailored to those who have experienced birth trauma, ensuring you receive the care and understanding you need to heal.


Empowerment through knowledge and preparation


With our support, knowledge, and preparation, you can gain confidence, relax, and find joy in your pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Your needs and concerns will be prioritised, and you will be supported in making informed decisions to create a positive and memorable experience.


 At The Essex Birth Company, we are here to hold you, so you can hold your baby.

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