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Birth & Perinatal Trauma Rewind

Are you experiencing negative emotions following your pregnancy, birth or postnatal experience? Are you ready to feel differently again?


TBR 3 Step Rewind is a gentle and effective way of supporting people to move past their birth and perinatal trauma, to lead full, happy lives again, feeling a sense of recovery.


If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please read on and get in touch for an informal chat and to ask any questions.

Perinatal Trauma

As you can see from reading the ‘About Kirstie’ page Kirstie has worked in various areas of perinatal care. Sadly, the rates of perinatal and birth trauma are rapidly growing in frequency, and limited support is being offered. This is why Kirstie now specialises in working with people who have suffered trauma or mental health concerns, as a life coach, trauma informed doula, trainee counsellor and rewind practitioner.


Kirstie is booked as a doula for people who have suffered past birth and perinatal trauma and is very experienced in this area of support. Kirstie is told stories by my pregnancy and postnatal yoga students about the trauma and distress they have suffered. Seeing people years later still suffering flash backs, too scared to have that second baby they so deeply want, and having many other negative symptoms. With the right support you do not have to live your life this way. 


The Essex Birth Company aim to support parents and families to live their lives to the fullest again, to reset their goals and to move past their trauma to a place of peace, happiness and contentment.

About Trauma Rewind

Is TBR 3 Step Rewind right for you?

It is not just birth trauma that can affect how we feel, but varying types of perinatal trauma. Maybe breastfeeding trauma, pregnancy panic attacks, a new-born who was unwell or a NICU stay. Trauma rewind is suitable for the woman or birthing person, and also for birth partners and dads. 


You may benefit from TBR 3 Step Rewind if you have flash backs, if you replay the difficult situation over and over in your head,  if you have a sense of heaviness about what happened, if you avoid situations where you may have to talk about birth, if you feel anxious thinking about the incident, if you feel over protective towards your baby, if you cannot sleep because of the memories. You do not have to be experiencing all these symptoms, and there may well be other I have not listed.


Is TBR 3 Step rewind suitable for everyone?

To benefit from this process, you need to have been well and in good health before the distressing situation happened, e.g., it’s not suitable if you have long term depression or a very complex case of PTSD, but please get in touch and we can discuss suitability.


What is TBR 3 Step rewind?

TBR 3 Step rewind is gentle and kind approach to recovery. It is a therapeutic technique that can be transformative. It is a therapy that helps to break pathways that have been formed in your brain that cause the fight, flight or freeze response. These are the responses that kicks in when you are reminded of your trauma. These automatic responses in your brain are what cause the unwanted symptoms. By breaking these pathway’s, the memories of the event can go and be stored away in your long-term memory bank, rather than being up front and bothering you on a regular basis.

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Sessions Content


There are 3 sessions and I have summarised what happens in each session below, but we will discuss them in more detail before we begin. It is important you know what is involved and that you are comfortable with the process.


Session 1 (90 mins):

  • You will be invited to share your story with me if you wish (there is no obligation for you to retell this, it will not hinder the process if you would rather not share).

  • We will discuss how it is impacting on your day-to-day life and what you would like your future self to look like. I will ask you some questions to help you consider your future goal state.

  • We will finish by practicing a very important relaxation exercise where you will see yourself in your future happy place. This relaxation will be recorded and sent to you. I will ask you to listen to it at least 4 times before our second session.


Session 2 (60 mins - 1 week after the first session):

  • We will discuss the details for the rewind process to ensure you know what’s to come and you understand what will happen.

  • I will emphasise that we can stop the process at any time.

  • We will go through the rewind process. This involves listening to the relaxation script again, but I will add in some extra content. I will ask you to remember the event in a very specific way, which will help to break the pathways that have formed within your brain, that are clinging on to your memories in a negative way.


Session 3 (30 mins - 2 weeks after the last session):

  • We will get together for a final time to discuss how you have been feeling.

  • Will we discuss positive changes.

  • We could repeat the rewind process if needed, but this is not often necessary.

  • You will listen to a relaxation script where you can see yourself as confident, happy, and free of trauma.

  • You will leave feeling lighter, happier and more content, living life as your future self!

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Programme Details

You would need to be available for all 3 sessions and to be open minded to the process of feeling well again. You will need to make sure you can listen to the relaxation recording as much as possible between sessions (at least 4 times). It is essential that you have a chance to relax, and be undisturbed, so it is best not to have your baby or children in the background during our sessions. I am happy to facilitate these sessions via Zoom, from my home or I can come to your home (if you come to me, I may just throw in a slice of cake and a hot cup of tea!)

Just a few notes

We can stop at any point, a few tears are common and nothing to worry about, but if you feel the need we can stop. This is a safe space, you will not be judged, your feelings will be validated, you will be truly heard and respected.

If you are sceptical about this working, why not just give it a try? I was a sceptic, but I have tried it and I have benefited in an incredibly positive way.



£175 (additional costs for mileage depending on your home location)

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