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"Full Spectrum Doula"

A person who is employed to provide support from preconception, pregnancy, loss, labour, birth and postnatally.

Doula Support

My aim is to help you feel safe, supported and confident to achieve your best birth following previous trauma and any perinatal mental health concerns.


Trauma and mental health conditions come in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn't necessarily mean previous birth trauma, although I do often work with people with previous birth trauma. A few more examples are, tokophobia, perinatal anxiety, depression, previous loss, retriggered childhood trauma, a history of postnatal depression, physical and emotional fears.   

I will provide continuity through your entire pregnancy and birth journey. Really listening and being present with you, passing no judgement, not seeking to influence whilst providing options. I will ensure your path to birth is emotionally safe to progress through.

I will ensure you feel respected, knowledgeable and comfortable making informed decisions.

You will receive my physical, emotional and practical support, along with the knowledge and resources I have gathered over my years as a doula, trauma practitioner and trainee counsellor. You will have access to my birth pools, TENS machines, aromatherapy kit and the contents of my famous doula bag. 

I can support any birth type whether hospital, home, birth centre, water, active birth, VBAC, IVF, caesarean birth, surrogacy, birth after loss and birth outside of guidelines. 

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I will support your birth partner if applicable and will work alongside your medical care providers. It’s in everyone’s best interests to get along and work together as a team to achieve a positive birth experience. I will always advocate for you, and stand up for your rights and choices, whilst maintaining a positive energy within the birthing space. 

I will hold your hand, mop your brow, support labour progression, and provide top tips for a positive birth. I will educate you on optimal foetal positioning, how to sustain energy, active but restful birth positions and relaxation techniques. I will support you through surges, offer affirmations, biomechanics techniques, visualisations and explain anything you’re unsure of. We will work together if a change of plan is needed and ensure you're happy with everything.

I will be there for anything you need and to remind you that you are amazing, strong and a powerful person! 

“It felt like we had our best friend with us in the delivery room” 

Birth Doula client

Evidence on Birth Doulas
  • ​Lower risk of caesarean births by up to 39%

  • Increased likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal delivery by up to 15%

  • Lower risk of instrumental birth

  • Less need for pain relief and medication by up to 10%

  • Lower rate of induction of birth

  • Increased chance of a satisfying birth experience by 31%

  • Shorter labour by about 41 minutes

  • Higher success rate for establishing breastfeeding

  • 38% decrease in the baby’s risk of a low 5 minute APGAR score

Birth Doula Package
  • Initial meeting to see if I am the right doula to support your family (online or face to face).

  • Unlimited contact during pregnancy.

  • 2 x 2.5 hour birth preparation sessions in the comfort of your own home

  • A 60 page guide created by The Essex Birth Company

  • On call 10 days before your due date until 10 days after. If your baby is born outside of these times I will always endeavour to be by your side, I have attended births from 34 weeks to 43 weeks.

  • I will be with you throughout your birth from an agreed point.

  • Support after your baby is born until you are settled and comfortable.

  • Birth exploration session around a week after birth (approx. 1 hour).

  • Phone, WhatsApp support and signposting for up to 4 weeks after birth. 

  • If required birth pool and TENS machine hire (saving you over £250 if you were to buy separately).

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