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Birth Pool Hire

The Essex Birth Company have birth pools to hire and the service will include free drop off and collection*, included with your hire will be complimentary handouts regarding home birth and water birth to support your birthing journey.


Included in your hire kit:

  • Birth Pool in a Box Pro Mini (suitable for one birthing person) or regular pool (for 2 people)

  • Hose (10 meter included, longer hoses are available)

  • Tap connectors x 3 types

  • Instructions

  • Nozzles for pool inflation

  • Pool liner

  • Pool inflation pump

  • Water removal pump

  • Repair kit

  • Sieve

  • Water thermometer

  • Ground sheet


All items are to be returned to The Essex Birth Company excluding the liner, sieve, thermometer and hose, which are all single use items  and will be your responsibility to dispose of.

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Water Birth Benefits
  • A relaxing, calm and comfortable birth experience

  • Less chance of needing medical pain relief

  • Vaginal birth is more likely to be successful

  • Provides an increased sense of control

  • The buoyancy of the water makes you feel lighter and enables you to get into more comfortable positions.

  • It can increase the sense of privacy

  • Reduces perineal trauma

  • It can help with labour progression

  • It can help you to feel energised

  • The relaxing effect of warm water also helps to produce endorphins, promoting the body’s natural pain relief mechanism.

Why hire from The Essex Birth Company?
  • Free delivery and collection* (depending on distance)

  • 6 weeks use if needed

  • Providing the best quality of inflatable pool

  • The pools are relatively new, so in very good condition

  • The pool floor is cushioned, it has handles, drinks holder and a seat inside (not all pools have these things!)

  • Extra support in the form of handouts for home/water birth.

  • All pools are cleaned and disinfected, ensuring an excellent standard of hygiene.

  • The size of the pools are suitable for small or large rooms

  • 3 different tap connectors are provided to fit most taps

  • The Essex Birth Company will include the disposable kit too, so you do not need to worry about purchasing this separately.

Useful images & videos

What's included?

Hire starts from 37 weeks of pregnancy to when your baby is born (if your pregnancy progresses past 42 weeks the pool may need to be returned for hire elsewhere).

Hire for a maximum of 6 weeks is from £125 including everything you need for a successful water birth (larger pool for 2 people £175).

A refundable deposit of £50 is required alongside full payment. Returned to you afterwards once the returned kit has been inspected. 


*drop off and collection will depend on your geographical location. Petrol costs may be incurred if travel is over a certain distance.


A booking form must be completed. Terms and conditions must be read, signed, returned and adhered to.

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