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The Essex Birth Company - breech preparation

Is your baby in a breech position? Would you like to know about your options and to try moxibustion?


Did you know you don’t have to opt for a caesarean birth if you don’t want one? 


Book in for a workshop with The Essex Birth Company to learn about your choices, with an experienced birth doula, trauma specialist and counsellor. 


We will discuss breech vaginal birth, external cephalic version (ECV), caesarean birth, turning your baby at home and many other options that are open to you. We will look at positions to adopt during pregnancy to help baby turn head down, optimum foetal positioning, biomechanics to create space in your pelvis, yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s.


We will also delve into your rights to the birth type you want, birth outside of NHS guidelines, how to assess obstetric risk in a holistic way and how to navigate the maternity system.

Baby sleeping

We will prepare you to try moxibustion, watch some videos, I will perform a demonstration and you will be given detailed instructions on how to administer moxibustion safely. You will receive a free kit so that you can administer moxibustion at home, along with a few other goodies.


Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves burning the herb mugwart (moxa) to produce heat near a specific point along a set of invisible channels of energy through your body, called meridians. The heat along the correct meridian can bring warmth to the uterus, increase foetal activity, and can help baby to turn.


Moxa is also believed to stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area and uterus. It can rid us of physical, spiritual and mental blockages, whilst rebalancing energy and helping the energy to flow well again. We use an acupressure point on the little toe called bladder 67. You will need to administer this for around half an hour each day at home for around a week, possibly up to ten days.   


Moxibustion has a 67% success rate (more than ECV!)

Programme Details

This programme costs £155 and includes a telephone consultation, a 90 minute workshop and a follow up check in.

The session is for the birthing person and birth partner/s

You will receive a free moxibustion kit, a useful guide created by The Essex Birth Company, a goodie bag and a booklet on turning babies.

I can facilitate sessions via Zoom, in your home or in my home overlooking the Essex countryside with tea and cake.

The Essex Birth Company - workspace
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