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Pregnancy & Mother Blessing Ceremony

A Pregnancy or Mother Blessing Ceremony celebrates the birthing person and their transition into parenthood. We believe all parents deserve to be honoured as they cross the threshold into parenthood with a special blessing. This intimate gathering of friends and family is inspired by an ancient Navajo ceremony called a blessingway and is designed to prepare the expectant parent for their upcoming birth journey by surrounding them with love, support, and encouragement.


Unlike a baby shower, where the focus is primarily on the baby, gifting presents, and playing games, The Essex Birth Company Blessing places the mother or birthing person at the centre of attention. They are celebrated, made to feel special, and treated like a goddess. Keep reading for ideas on what could be included in your ceremony.


Being the bearer of life is a miracle that should be honoured and celebrated!

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What happens during a blessing?

These blessings can include a variety of elements such as:


Songs and prayers: Sharing songs and prayers that resonate with the group and offer comfort and strength.

Pledges of postnatal support: Friends and family pledging their support for the postnatal period.

Lighting of candles: Symbolic candle lighting to bring warmth and light to the gathering.

Affirmations and messages: Sharing affirmations and messages of strength and encouragement.

Pampering: Pampering the mother or pregnant person to make them feel special and loved.

Music and love: Creating an atmosphere filled with music and love.

Henna painting: Artistic henna painting to celebrate the journey (practitioner sourced separately).

Oracle cards: Choosing cards for insight and discovery.

Yoga: Pregnancy yoga for everyone to relax, take cleansing breaths and to surrender.

Healing and meditation: Engaging in healing practices and meditation for peace and clarity.

Creating an altar: Setting up a meaningful altar with personal items, during a sharing circle.

Fear burning: A symbolic act of releasing fears and anxieties.

Feet bathing: A ritualistic washing of the feet to show care and respect.

Relaxation scripts: Lie back and listen to relaxation scripts to promote calmness and nervous system regulation.

Massage: Offering gentle massage to one another for relaxation, connection and unity.

Bead bracelet/necklace making: Creating bead bracelets or necklaces as a keepsake.

Poems and readings: Listen and absorb the beautiful words.

Vision boards: Creating vision boards to inspire and motivate.

Thread binding and smudging: Binding threads as a symbol of connection and using smudging for cleansing.

Togetherness and bonding: Fostering a sense of togetherness and bonding.

Planning for the postnatal period: Discussing and planning for the postnatal period.


Food and nourishment: Sharing food that guests choose to bring and anything else that brings about a feeling of being nurtured.


Each ceremony is unique and designed to bring about a sense of being nurtured, supported, and celebrated.

Package details

Event duration and activities: A two-hour event filled with activities of your choosing. You will be provided with a list of activities to select from, ensuring the content is tailored to your bespoke requirements.


Included props: The package includes essential props such as poem books, altar items, a singing bowl, essential oils, incense, and tea lights.


Set-up and removal: We handle the set-up and removal of all props, activities, and equipment, taking approximately 30 minutes each side of the event. Feel free to add extra decorative items to your room/space.


Personalised coordination: We liaise with you to ensure the event meets your expectations. If you prefer to be surprised, we can coordinate with a chosen friend to plan the details. There are various packages for you to choose from but will be tailored as necessary.


Event management: Full event management is provided to ensure a smooth and successful blessing ceremony.


Location options: Sessions can be facilitated in your home or in my home, overlooking the beautiful Essex countryside. Depending on numbers and the time of year we can hold sessions indoors or outdoors.


Pricing:  The package is priced at £295.


Additional costs: Additional costs may apply if you wish to include extra resources beyond those listed in TEBC package range.

Please note, henna services must be sourced externally and will incur an extra cost.

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