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Preconception, birth & beyond

Are you looking for support through the unknown journey of preconception to parenting?

Does the whole journey confuse and overwhelm you?


Why hire a perinatal specialist from preconception?


Hiring a perinatal specialist from preconception is a good idea if you feel a little lost, if you simply want support on the journey into parenthood, or maybe you’ve previously suffered a traumatic experience, struggled with conception, or you're preparing for an IVF journey. Maybe you want to ensure you’re physically and emotionally ready for what is to come and like the idea of continuity that is sadly lacking within the NHS. You should never feel alone during your journey, even if you are trying to conceive as a single person. You would be supported in a holistic way that’s right for you, you will never be judged, you would be listed to, cared for and have your feelings validated. I would be there for you physically, emotionally and mentally at every step. The support needed will look different for everyone, so the details will be tailored to your needs. Kirstie's work as a life coach, trainee counsellor and trauma specialist ensure The Essex Birth Company is fully prepared to support you in every way. 

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Please find below a selection of the tasks a conception, birth & beyond doula can support you with:


  • Evidence based information around conception.

  • Ensuring you and your partner are on the same page in regards to starting a family and the process that will take place.

  • Preparing a support system for yourself and building a community around you.

  • A listening ear if conception has not happened, a comforting hand to hold and support you.

  • Sign posting to sources of support e.g., fertility specialists, body workers, peer support groups, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, and providers of complementary medicine.

  • Accompanying you to medical appointments if required.

  • Discussions before and/or after your most important appointments to talk through questions, concerns, & knowledge gained.

  • Listening to fears and concerns about your journey without judgement.

  • Supporting you to evaluate options for the path ahead.

  • Considering a holistic mind/body approach (where your mind leads your body follows!)

  • Optimising nutrition.

  • Understanding the affect stress has on the body and mind.

  • Preparing the body physically for conception and pregnancy.

  • Preparing mentally and emotionally for pregnancy.

  • Supporting difficult emotions and challenges with counselling style meets .

  • How to navigate the maternity system to achieve the best outcome.

  • Looking at informed decision making. How to make the best decisions, at the right time.

  • Continuing pregnancy and birth doula support once pregnancy is confirmed (please see details on my doula support pages)

Package Details

We will arrange an initial call to discuss working together.


Our time together will be charged by the hour in advance until pregnancy occurs. The number of hours necessary will depend on your personal circumstances and can be discussed.


If/when pregnancy is established then a set fee will be applied for the pregnancy and birth doula support section of this package. You can read more details about the support included on my birth doula page. The beauty of this service is we will have built up a genuine, trusting and happy relationship by the time pregnancy is established. You will also be able to pay hourly for extra support outside of my standard birth doula package if you felt it necessary.

You may also want to consider adding Birth & Perinatal Trauma Rewind if you feel previous situations are affecting you or your journey to conception. This covers pregnancy and baby loss, miscarriage, conception trauma, and any events that feel difficult and are stuck at the forefront of your mind. This service is not only for classic birth trauma as the name may suggest.


This is a very bespoke package so please do get in touch for more details.


I can come to your home, you can come to my home, we can meet in hospitals or coffee shops depending on your situation. We can chat on the phone, via Zoom or any other way that suits you. We can even go for walks and chat at the same time.

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