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Postnatal Doula & New Born Care Specialist 

Welcoming a new baby into your home can mean a huge transition in your life. I will be there from day one, or at any time you need me in those early days. I will support you in a gentle way, easing you slowly into parenthood and encourage you to find your feet as new parents. I look forward to seeing you grow in confidence day by day. You will always take the lead and I will only be there on the side lines.

All families are different, so I will tailor a bespoke package to your personal needs. Here are a few things I'm often asked to do:

  • Listening to your story of life so far, your birth and future.

  • Share practical knowledge as well as supporting your family emotionally.

  • Discuss sleep optimisation, patterns, and habits.

  • Support with household chores and preparing light meals.

  • Offer information on physical and mental health (doulas are proven to lower the risk of postnatal depression).

  • Birth exploration sessions.

  • Look after older children so you can focus on your new baby.

  • Take care of your baby whilst you sleep, have a shower, take some time for self-care or to get things done.

  • Support you to feeding your baby (breastfeeding, formula feeding, or any other chosen method). Kirstie is a qualified infant feeding peer supporter.

  • New born care skills: How to change a nappy, hunger cues, making up a bottle, first baths and general baby care.

  • Supporting your whole family transition and enjoying this change in life. 

  • Signposting you towards other sources of support if necessary, such as, IBCLC's, tongue tie practitioners, sling consultants. 

  • I will even walk your dog if that helps!

All the facts and knowledge I bring with me is evidence-based information. Kirstie's work as a life coach, trainee counsellor and trauma specialist can be helpful during the postnatal period to support thriving families. 

“Kirstie was warm and attentive, made suggestions and helped me to make my own decisions” 

Birth Doula client

Evidence on Postnatal Doulas
  • Continuity of care; a familiar, friendly face amongst all the different health care professionals.

  • Flexible support as and when needed.

  • Emotional support for any feelings of birth trauma or adjusting to this transition in life.

  • Proven to lower the risk of postnatal depression, anxiety, and other postnatal mental health illnesses.

  • Feeding support (breastfeeding or formula feeding).

  • Proven to increase the duration of breastfeeding.

  • Someone to talk to, non-judgemental, who actively listens.

  • Perfect if you need an extra pair of hands around the house.

  • Can be extra helpful if you’ve had a caesarean birth and need to take it very easy physically.

  • Evidence based information and signposting are always available.

The Essex Birth Company - postnatal 1_edited.jpg
The Essex Birth Company - postnatal 1_edited.jpg
Postnatal Doula & Care Package
  • An informal chat for around 30 minutes, prior to booking.

  • A bespoke package will be tailored to your families needs and duties can be kept flexible.

  • Support in your own home for an agreed number of hours (min 3 hours per day).

  • Overnight stay’s need further discussion, generally 10 hours minimum

Costs available on request (payment plans & gift vouchers available)

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