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Pregnancy and baby loss support

Whether you have said goodbye to your baby at 9 weeks of pregnancy, whether you have given birth to your baby sleeping, or you have only had your baby with you for a few hours after birth, you deserve to be nurtured, cared for, listened to, and supported.


Some of the things I can do to support you are listed below, but this will depend on your personal circumstances, at what stage your loss occurred, at what stage you have invited me on your journey and what you need as an individual.


My skills as a counsellor, life coach and working with trauma compliment my doula skills to support you in a fully encompassing way.

  • Holding space for your feelings and thoughts.

  • Providing a quite space for some time to yourself.

  • Joining you in hospital or at home afterwards.

  • Saying goodbye, arranging a ceremony or setting up a memorial (a rose bush memorial can be popular).

  • Birth and immediate planning for a known loss.

  • Letter writing to your baby.

  • A celebration of baby’s creation and marking their existence, whether they made it to our physical world or not.

  • Listening to details of your journey, your thoughts, your feelings.

  • Talking about the stages of grief.

  • Looking at self-care and self-kindness.

  • Setting boundaries and putting your needs first.

  • Keeping your household running (domestic chores, making meals).

  • Arranging care and support for siblings.

  • Getting to know your baby and helping you to bond with a baby who has passed or does not have much time on Earth. Creating treasured memories.

  • Signposting for ongoing professional and peer support.

  • Complimentary therapies (homeopaths).

  • Closing the bones and body work treatments.

  • Milk production practicalities.

  • Relaxation techniques.

  • Discussing options for keepsakes (memory boxes, milk jewellery, photos, prints, scan pictures, casts, placenta art).

  • Placenta encapsulation recommendations and benefits.

  • Healing foods.

  • Discussing hopes and dreams for the future.

Traumatic Birth & Perinatal Recovery Programme

You might want to consider scheduling in a Traumatic Birth & Perinatal Recovery Programme (for birth and perinatal trauma). This may take place many months after our initial time together depending on when you are ready. This extra service is ideal for pregnancy loss, miscarriage, trauma trying to conceive, babies born sleeping or if they are very unwell.


We never want you to forget your babies and that certainly won’t happen. You may benefit from this rewind process if you have flash backs, if you replay the difficult situation over and over in your head,  if you have a sense of heaviness about what happened, if you avoid situations where you may have to talk about babies or birth, if you feel anxious thinking about the incident, if you feel over protective towards other children, if you can’t sleep because of the memories, if you are scared to have another child that you really want. You don’t have to be experiencing all these symptoms, and there may well be other I’ve not listed.

This would be a service charged separately if and when needed. You can read about this on the Traumatic Birth & Perinatal Recovery page.

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Package Details

We will arrange an initial call to discuss how I can support you and your family.

Our time together will be charged for by the hour in advance. A block of time can be purchased to use over a set number of weeks for support after loss. The number of hours necessary will depend on your personal circumstances and can be discussed.


If you would like birth support through a known still birth or a diagnosis that means your baby will not live for long after birth then please get in touch for more details. It will be very similar to my standard birth doula support, but with some extra considerations.

During our time together I can come to your home, you can come to my home, we can meet in hospitals or coffee shops, depending on what is needed. We can chat on the phone, via Zoom or any other way that suits you. We can even go for walks and chat at the same time.

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