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Birth Preparation Programme

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Do you feel confident and prepared for your labour and birth? This programme will provide you with everything you need for a positive labour and birth experience. You will complete this course and feel prepared, powerful, relaxed and knowing how to achieve your ideal birth. There are 50 sections of supportive topics, such as the stages of labour, examinations, the pain cycle (and how to stay out of it). We look at coping mechanisms, what if plans change, how to make informed decisions, birth plans, and how best to prepare for the big day. We never forget birth partners, there's lots for them too. These are only a few of the subjects discussed, we cover so much more. You will receive around 6 hours of video content, plus PDF's, written text, audios and many links to further reading. At the end of the course you will find an hour of pregnancy yoga for you to enjoy. I wish you a memorable pregnancy, labour and birth...for all the right reasons!


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