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Labour & Birth Coping Strategies Programme

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Do you know how you're going to cope and sustain positivity & strength through labour and birth? This programme will provide you with everything you need to plan and prepare for this. You will complete this course feeling relaxed, excited and prepared for your best birth. There are over 20 sections of supportive topics, such as the pain cycle (and how to stay out of it), creating oxytocin and how your environment can help. We'll discuss water, TEN's, active birthing, birth and peanut balls, prescribed drugs, movement, biomechanics, aromatherapy, positive thinking, hypnobirthing and much more You will receive hours worth of video content, plus PDF's, written text, audio's and many links to further reading. At the end of the course you will find an hour of pregnancy yoga for you to enjoy. I wish you a memorable pregnancy, labour and birth...for all the right reasons!


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