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Stages of Labour Programme

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Do you feel confident and prepared for your labour and birth? This programme will provide you with details about each stage of labour and birth. You will complete this course and feel prepared, powerful, relaxed and knowing what you can do to support yourself at each stage. Watch this with your birth partner, so you can discuss your wishes. They will gain knowledge on how to support you in a helpful and productive way. We will discuss signs of labour, how best to cope at each stage, when to use a TENs machine or get in water, how your partner can be a super supporter, sustaining energy, tips for comfort, active birthing and positioning, vaginal examinations, placentas, waters releasing, meconium, shows, when to call the midwife, how it may feel for you and what to expect in general. We will discuss a lot more as well. I have included some sections regarding physiology, the hormones and the pain cycle, as these sections will help the stages of labour to make sense. You will receive video content, plus PDF's, written text and many links to further reading. I wish you a memorable pregnancy, labour and birth...for all the right reasons!


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