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New pregnancy yoga class announcement, with a doula twist!

I’m pleased to announce I’m starting a new pregnancy yoga class! 

Writtle Village Hall, Chelmsford, Essex, on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm – 8.30pm (plus extra birth chat afterwards) 

We will be starting on 8th September 2020!

Other than the many benefits of pregnancy yoga, this class will be extra special as I’ve secured the hall for some time after the class finishes. This is so that we can have a natter about pregnancy, birth, babies, yoga and much more, over a nice cup of tea. So really you’re getting an antenatal session included for free! 

As a doula there’s nothing more I like than chatting about these things, and I love to see pregnant mums bonding and making new mummy friends. It’s imperative to have a like minded support network around you in those early days. 

There’s a lovely new kitchen at the venue and I’ll make cups of special teas and maybe even bring a cake or biscuits.

Each week the yoga class will have a theme, such as sleep, energy, pelvic floor, active birthing, relaxation and loads more…I really can’t wait to meet you all and get started. It makes me smile seeing how much people feel the benefits after just one class. 

I’ve had some great feedback from students in easing lower back ache, helping sciatica, helping them relax, sleep and helped with headaches. Not to mention how satisfied they felt to have their questions answered about pelvic floors, placentas, perineal massage and loads more. 

All of this is available for £9 per class or only £45 if you book a block of 6 in advance (just £7.50 per class)!

To join my class please just get in touch

To keep up dates with everything I’m doing please follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook at

Phone 07920 212669

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you during the class 

Namaste xxx

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