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Strengthening Your Soul for pregnancy and birth

I absolutely love this chapter from the book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh. The chapter is called Strengthening Your Soul. Please sit back, relax and listen to the beautiful words.

I find it uplifting, empowering, spiritual and thought provoking. It makes me want to stand up, be noticed and to roar like a lion! It makes me feel powerful enough to ask for what I want and reminds me to soar like an eagle!

I hope that it gives you strength, in case you need a little reminder of what a strong and powerful force you truly are!

You could also try some of my pregnancy yoga asana videos to get the body moving and the mind still.

To learn more about me and my doula and yoga services please visit the relevant pages on this website or take a look at my Instagram or Facebook page, both are Breathe Birth Yoga

Namaste xxx

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