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Pelvic Floor Yoga by Breathe Birth Yoga

This weeks yoga taster is all about pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy.

In this short demo you’ll hear about the location of the pelvic floor, how to isolate and feel these muscles, the benefits of pelvic floor exercises and the conditions they can help with. I then show you how to do a few simple pelvic floor squeezes.

During my pregnancy yoga classes we always spend some time on pelvic floor work, it’s important, so it’s something I teach in all of my classes.

Prevention is better than cure so please try some of these each day to prevent problems in late pregnancy and once your baby has arrived.

If you’re worried about your pelvic floor please speak to your GP, midwife, consultant or a physiotherapist who specialises in this area.

As I’ve said before I’m not medically trained, but I’ve learnt a lot about the pelvic floor through my work as a doula and pregnancy yoga teacher, so I hope you find this short lesson helpful.

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