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Pregnancy Yoga All Fours (2 of 6)

Today is the second in a set of 6 pregnancy yoga videos that I’ve recorded for you.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting a video each fortnight (Monday’s).

Today we have a routine on all fours, week 3 is on knees, week 4 is a standing sequence, week 5 is seated and finally week 6 is a lovely relaxing savasana. Last time was a gentle warm up.

You’re welcome to practice each week and slowly make a longer routine for yourself as the weeks go on, by linking the sequences together. By week 6 you’ll be able to put all the pieces together and make one long pregnancy yoga video, around an hour and twenty minutes.

I hope you enjoy!

To see more about my doula and yoga services and to watch other videos please take a look at my website

Have a great day xxx

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