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Pregnancy Yoga taster for OFP

Today’s pregnancy yoga taster has been put together with optimum foetal positioning (OFP) in mind.

To encourage your baby in to the OFP you could try these asanas, which help your body to stay UFO! This has nothing to do with little green men thankfully, it stands for Upright, Forward and Open!

I’ve recorded a video in the past about OFP and what this means, and why you might want to try and encourage your baby in to this position, I’d love for you to take a look. I’m also very active on Facebook and Instagram, providing tips and talking about similar subjects, I’d love you to join me @breathebirthyoga

Please take a look at the other pages on my website to find out more about my doula services Birth Doula – Breathe Birth Yoga or to see details of yoga classes Pregnancy Yoga – Breathe Birth Yoga, read blogs and see more yoga tasters.

Enjoy this practice and I hope to see you again soon

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