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Well what can I say about 2020! It’s been such a tough year for a lot of people.

I’ve always been a homely person, I like peace and quiet and my own company, but lockdown and the awful situation regarding the pandemic has taken its toll. I’m really hoping that we’ll see the back of this evil pandemic soon into 2021.

I started my doula business in 2019 and it’s going really well. Considering the pandemic hit soon after my launch, I’m really pleased with how it’s going. I’d already started the yoga side of things earlier in 2019. I’ve had some wonderful doula clients this year and have totally fallen in love with my job. It’s an absolutely pleasure and a passion, I could never do anything else now.

Sadly I had to stop teaching my pregnancy yoga classes in Brentwood when the first lockdown happened. The pandemic has hit the yoga industry hard, with a lot of studios near me having to close. I have however, started some classes in Writtle and they’re going really well. I’ve always got a waiting list and intend on adding more classes in 2021 (I’ll tell you more about that in a few days).

I’ve developed a strong passion for birth rights during the last nine months. Following the partner restrictions within maternity care and the horrific experiences of people labouring, even birthing without their partner I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Maybe it won’t help, maybe the trusts will dig their heels in and keep the harsh restrictions in place, but I know I’ve done everything I can to try and make a difference. I’ve shed a lot of tears, felt rage like I’ve never felt before and learnt a lot about the people in this world because of these restrictions, and about the type of person I am. In future I plan on getting really involved with causes that mean a lot to me. I’ve never campaigned for anything before but I now see how important it really is.

Due to the pandemic my husband has worked from home a lot this year and Amelia has had a lot of time at home from nursery. It’s been tough in some ways, but I think we’ll look back on these times and appreciate the time we got to spend together. Amelia has gone from a baby to a child this year, she will be 3 in January and she’s becoming a clever, funny, kind and happy little person with a fabulous imagination, I couldn’t possibly be any prouder of her achievements.

During 2020 I’ve put on a few pounds in weight, now I never really weigh myself, I don’t think it’s a healthy thing to do on a regular basis. I just go with the way I feel and how well my clothes are fitting. Well, I can hardly do my jeans up, so 2020 and the lockdown has definitely not benefited my waistline! In a few days I’ll write about my aims for 2021 but I will definitely be adding more exercise to the list. I’ve not done enough yoga this year for my own personal practice, I’ve been busy writing pregnancy sequences and practicing them, or doing lots of kids yoga with Amelia. I look forward to finding something a little more dynamic for myself soon.

I’ve done a lot of work for free this year, mainly due to the maternity restrictions. A lot of pregnant people have contacted me for information on their rights and for my general support. I’ve been happy to do this, but wish I hadn’t needed to, I hope the support comes back for birthing people and new parents next year. I’m also still a breastfeeding peer supporter and I’ve been involved in these groups online. I volunteer for Health Watch Essex as a Maternity Patient Partner and I’m now starting a new and exciting project with The Doula Association. There’s a few more projects I hope to get involved in, on a voluntary basis next year.

This year I’ve learn to appreciate the small things in life and be more mindful and thankful for what I have. During lockdown I was grateful for every sunny day when we could have the lounge doors open and Amelia could play in the garden, I smelt the flowers, appreciated their colours and I was thankful for our good health.

I hope your 2020 hasn’t been as bad as some people’s and that you’ve coped with lockdowns and this crazy year with people you love ❤️

I’d love to hear from you if you would like more information about my doula support or yoga sessions, please take a look at or send me an Email at

Have a very happy New Year! xx

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