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Plotting & planning for a happy and prosperous 2022!

I can’t believe we’re now in to 2022!

As I age life seems to be speeding up at a scary rate. I try to pay attention to the little things and make the most of every moment, but it’s tough when I’m so busy with work, #volunteering, being a mum and a million other things. I have lots of plans for 2022 including not working 7 days a week all the time! Some #self-care is definitely on the cards, but I also want to grow and push my business goals forward too. It’s a tricky balance but I’m going to try and see if both are possible at the same time, I certainly didn’t manage both in 2021 but I feel fresh, focused and determined!

On a personal level, this year will be about our big (delayed) trip to Disney Florida, moving to our forever home (I really hope it’s this year) and my baby starting reception in September.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my business goals, and thought I’d share with you some of my intentions for the coming year…

I intend on filling my diary with more wonderful #birth clients to support and share my knowledge with. I’ve been really luck and I’m booked up to the summer already but definitely have some availability going forward.

Since embarking on my #doula and #yoga career I’ve realised that I love to teach. Educating, sharing my knowledge and providing usable tools to people regarding #pregnancy, birth and the #postnatal period is actually the favourite part of my work. I get crazy passionate on certain subjects, particularly birth rights and asking for what you want and feel it’s my duty to share information about this so that as many people as possible achieve their best birth and #parenting experience! I’d like to start teaching more of my #workshops this year. I’ve recently spent a lot of time creating the following workshops:

I love learning so every year I plan at least 3 courses to attend for continuing professional and #self-development. This year I hope to train as a #hypnobirthing instructor and to complete my advanced #biomechanics for birth course. As a third course I’m toying with the idea of something in design so I can make catchy and fun graphics for my social media followers, we’ll have to see, I may change my mind about this one. I will also have a skills refresh for my work as #infant feeding peer supporter.

I do plan on adding another string to my bow this year and starting to sell a few products relating to pregnancy, birth, and general #health, but I’m going to keep quiet about this and see how I get on. I will keep you posted!

I don’t even know where to start with all the things I want to achieve within my #MNVP role (Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnership). There’s so much I plan to do to help make maternity care within Mid & South Essex a better experience. I firstly need to get much more active on social media. I hope to start creating some Facebook Q & A sessions, posting some interviews with new Heads of #Midwifery and providing the Mid and South Essex region with the birth stat sheets that I’m always being asked for. I plan on continuing the many engagement events we’ve started, the next one being held on the 18th January on the subject of #induction of #labour. I’ll also be carrying on the focus groups around postnatal care, infant feeding, communication, equality and inclusivity. A busy role but one where I feel that I can make a difference to people’s lives.

As Ambassador for The Doula Association (Essex & Suffolk region), I’m going to plan lots of get togethers. We have such a fantastic and supportive network and I want to keep this relationship going and welcome any new #doulas into our cuddle. I love being able to share my knowledge with the newer doulas when they need a listening ear or have lots of questions to ask…I’m starting to think I should have been a #teacher!

I had a really successful year teaching #pregnancyyoga in 2021 despite the breaks for covid, and I always have a full class with a waiting list. I’d love to start another class but I’m not sure I can take that time away from family life. Maybe a change to a bigger venue is on the cards!

Overall in 2022 I plan on #supporting as many people as I can whilst maintaining a better work life balance.

I hope you all have exciting plans for the year ahead and enjoy it as much as I’m hoping to.

Bye for now xx

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