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Pregnancy Yoga for Birth

Today’s pregnancy yoga taster is very gentle and suitable for trimester 3 of pregnancy. This routine can also be practiced during early labour. It’s very gentle and been designed with the last few weeks of pregnancy and early labour in mind.

It may help your body to utilise gravity, help with back ache and encourage your baby in the right direction by keeping an open pelvis and your body upright.

A lot of people ask me how they can get early labour to progress, and being upright and adopting some of these positions is my top tip to get things going! Please listen to your body, don’t push yourself, rest when needed and don’t do anything that hurts or if it’s uncomfortable.

Please take a look at the other sections on my website for information on my yoga and doula services

Nothing in this video or any other that I’ve produced is intended to replace medical advice.

Have a great day everyone

Namaste xxx

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